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Author Topic: Who are we? Recruitment information  (Read 2768 times)

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Who are we? Recruitment information
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:01:20 PM »
Welcome to Hellion!
For new (and old) members we've put together a few notes and links to help you get settled in!

I'm brand new! Reddit says Tonberry is the server for Aus/NZ players? Why are you on Behemoth?
Once upon a time, the North American servers were located in eastern Canada. This made the Japanese data centre more appealing to Australians especially, since the ping to the JP datacentre was lower.Since then, the North American data centres have been relocated - to California. Not only did this drop NZ's ping to them by a considerable amount, many Australians now also ping lower to NA servers or equal.There were a few companies who did not want to play on a Japanese datacentre simply because of language restrictions. We made our home on Behemoth. Now since the ping issue is no longer a massive decider, the choice to play on an American English speaking datacentre is a lot easier. Behemoth has a good sized Aus/NZ community, with us being one of many Oceanic FC's on the server.

Before you join...
Regarding FC Recruitment: No trash alts! There may be very very rare exceptions, but we won't accept alts in the FC to "check it out". You're welcome to come and hang with us at the house if you want to meet everyone first.

Regarding FC Recruitment as a Group:
We currently do not accept applications from more than 2 people as a group. This is due to repeated bad previous experiences, sorry!

A Little Background Info...

Hellion Ranking System

Leader and Officers

The Hellion House is located at:
The Goblet
Ward 2
Plot 19

Raid Groups

Check the Raid forum for the most current status of Hellion Raid groups

Company Actions
We run actions for anything the FC needs. Raid actions for raid days, battle experience buffs, food buffs, PVP currency buffs etc!
If you need something specific, just speak up! One of the Officers, Bloodhounds or Crafter Elites can put up Company Actions.

Chocobo Dyes, Gardening and Airships and the Workshop.
We try to keep the Company Chest stocked with dyes for anyone to use. Anyone is welcome to use the gardens, just let someone know so we can look after your plants if you're not online.
Members ranked Hell Hound and above can take the Airships out on Exploratory missions. If there are any required materials you need from the Airship ventures, ask one of the Officers or Crafter Elites for help and we will be able to accommodate you.
Want to build a new skin for your house? You're more than welcome to use the company workshop. We ask that you prepare all the materials in advance, as these are LARGE crafts that take ages and you will require a team of 4 every time you need to progress a stage of building. It is much easier to do it all in one chunk.

General Rules and Recruitment Rules

Need Help fighting that thing?

Check out the HELP ME thread here or make a new thread in the Game Discussion forum.

Credit for the Hellion logo - Designed by Arrabella Obriah
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Re: Who are we? Hellion Information
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 08:03:15 PM »

Firstly, here's a little background information on the Free Company, which will also help shed some light on how our rank system was envisioned.

A long time ago when the game was in its final stages of beta, a bunch of nerds from GamePlanet forums decided to make an Oceanic Linkshell, mostly for GamePlanet users and random Oceanic players they could find along the way. Who were these chumps? why it was Venom, Wales, White Queen, Sophia Storm, and Rekuja.

The Linkshell was a success, it was very active with almost 40-50+ players online daily.  Having said that, as with most MMORPG's during the first 30 days, people leave and don't come back. The first month is never a good time to start making guilds and creating statics because the members are too unpredictable, you just don't know what's going to happen when the subscriptions begin.

The Linkshell was a mess, the inactive memberlist grew and grew...

It was then that Venom decided it was time to create the Free Company, Hellion.
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Re: Who are we? Hellion Information
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2017, 08:13:38 PM »
Rank System

Leader - Full administration
Venom (Dear Leader)

Officer Elite
Promote/Demote, Company Actions, Move/Remove Furniture, Gardening, FC Application Acceptance
-Assigned by Venom

Crafter Elite
Same requirements as Hell Hound in terms of helping out in the FC and have been here for a decent amount of time. To be considered for Crafter Elite, all crafts must be at max stars ability with specialties. Crafter Elite also have the ability to put up Company Actions.
Assigned by Venom

Blood Hound
Veteran members. Can put up actions.

Hell Hound
People who help out a lot or have been in the company for a decent amount of time. Members can garden, use the workshop and airships.
Assigned by Officers

Doing Things
Temporary Rank for members requiring temporary FC privileges

Specialty Titles
Won by winning events or a spectacular deeds of greatness or failure
Assigned by Leaders

Ruckus Pupper
New or casual members
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Re: Who are we? Hellion Information
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2017, 08:28:54 PM »
Leaders and Officers

Hellion Leader: Venom Reginam
Also had alt toons, Venom Vipera and Venom Tertia.

Tiger Lilia
Lycona Dacheechee
Asher Folgraze
Vaetan Neinel
Master Bucket
Kiyomi Kirei
Freyja Vance
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