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Author Topic: Hellio-ween Costume contest 2018  (Read 758 times)

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Hellio-ween Costume contest 2018
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:27:59 PM »
Hellio-ween Costume Contest 2018

DATE: Sunday, 28th October 7PM NZDT (27th October 11PM PST)
LOCATION: HELLION HOUSE (Goblet Ward 2, Plot 19 - Brimming Heart Aetheryte)
Things are getting rather spooky in Hellion house...

Strut your stuff on the Stripclub cat walk in our costume showcase competition. We're looking for creative costumes, anything goes! Cosplay as your favourite character or dress spooky for the occasion. You can showcase on your own or come as a group (no more than 3 people please!). We will have special non-FC judges to ensure all judgement is fair

Prizes (specifics TBA)
First place: 5 Million Gil and secret prizes + (bonus prize if the winner is a HLN member)
Second Place: 2 Million Gil and secret prizes + (bonus prize if the winner is a HLN member)
Third Place: Secret prize
Potato Prize: Secret prize

There are no set rules for the costumes, you can fantasia, you can do crazy stuff with your hair, its up to you! The judging will be based on your outfit and general look overall. This may be a cosplay of an existing character or a spooky but cool looking costume. You'll get the chance to tell us a little about your outfit.

Each outfit will be rated out of 10 by each judge then tallied together for the final score.

Non Hellion Members:
As always, are totally welcome to compete! You are allowed to attend and compete in this contest! Stand out entries may also get a spot prize.

If you're interested in joining, come to our house on the day of the event! Message Asher Folgraze for more information!