Currently, we are:

Before you join:
No trash level 1 alts! There may be very very rare exceptions, but we won’t accept alts in the FC to “check it out”. You’re welcome to come and hang with us at the house / discord if you want to meet everyone first.

Regarding FC Recruitment as a Group: We currently do not accept applications from more than 2 people as a group. This is due to repeated bad previous experiences, sorry!

How to Join

You can contact anyone with the «HLN» tag on Behemoth and they’d be able to help or find someone that can.
To message someone specifically in game, you can try any one of our Leaders and Officers, please keep in mind that online doesn’t mean not afk!

Discord Contacts


Other NZ/AUS Friendly FC’s on Behemoth

Revolt <Rev>
Contact: Soreaf Greenstern or
Echo Cahouts

Trap Party, Go! <TPG>
Contact: Willow Celeste or
Link Firestorm

Horizon <HZN>
Contact: Imaginary Friend or
Deimus Holden

Last Bastion <LB>
Contact: Aresity Whitestar

Allium Knights <Bloom>
Contact: Yumiya Nagatsuki